List of Major League Baseball Catchers

Complete Baseball Catcher Index (1871-2010)
Bill Wagner to Butch Wynegar
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Wagner, Bill
Wagner, Hal
Wakamatsu, Don
Wakefield, Howard
Walbeck, Matt
Walden, Fred
Walker, Johnny
Walker, Moses Fleet
Walker, Rube
Walker, Walt
Wall, Joe
Wallace, Jack
Walsh, Joe
Walsh, Tom
Walters, Dan
Walters, Fred
Walters, Roxy
Ward, Jim
Warner, John
Warren, Bennie
Warren, Bill
Warwick, Bill
Wasem, Link
Waszgis, B.J.
Waterman, Fred
Wathan, Dusty
Watham, John
Watkins, Dave
Watlington, Neal
Watson, Art
Weaver, Art
Weber, Joe
Webster, Lenny
Weckbecker, Pete
Wedge, Eric
Wehner, John
Weigel, Ralph
Welch, Milt
Welch, Tub
Wells, Jake
Wendell, Lew
Werner, Don
West, Dick
Westrum, Wes
Whaling, Bert
Wheat, Mack
Wheeler, Don
White, Charlie
White, Deacon
White, Sam
White, Sammy
Whitehouse, Gil
Whiteley, Gurdon
Whiteside, Eli
Whiting, Ed
Whitmer, Dan
Whitt, Ernie
Widger, Chris
Wieghaus, Tom
Wieters, Matt
Wilber, Del
Wilkins, Rick
Willard, Jerry
Williams, Bob
Williams, Dewey
Williams, Earl B
Williams, Earl C
Williams, George
Williams, Rip
Williamson, Ned
Willingham, Josh
Wilson, Art
Wilson, Bill
Wilson, Bobby
Wilson, Craig
Wilson, Dan
Wilson, Henry
Wilson, Jimmie
Wilson, Mike
Wilson, Neil
Wilson, Parke
Wilson, Red
Wilson, Squanto
Wilson, Tom G.
Wilson, Tom L.
Wilson, Vance
Wine, Robbie
Wingo, Ed
Wingo, Ivey
Wirts, Kettle
Wise, Hughie
Wise, Nick
Withrow, Frank
Wockenfuss, John
Wolf, Jimmy
Wolstenholme, Abe
Womack, Sid
Wood, Bob
Wood, Fred
Woodall, Larry
Wooten, Shawn
Wright, Dick
Wright, Bill
Wrona, Rick
Wynegar, Butch
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Players shown in BLUE are NOT career catchers, but caught at least 1 game in their career

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